I laugh In The Face of discomfort

When the endless No's a person hears break many, I have learned to make it my ammo to keep moving forward. I  Live full of faith in God. Always grateful for the endless blessings I enjoy, I continue to build and remain grounded. 

I am happily married, a globally recognized public figure, and a man with gargantuan dreams who is always taking action. I am working on new productions every day. The ultimate Joy of my life is creating, spreading positive vibes through my work, and cheering those around me who are relentless in thriving. I also look up to others and learn from their work ethics and discipline. 

Yes, hearing a no can hurt, but diamonds are built under a high temperature and pressure; This reminds me to hold my head up high, pick up my crown, place it back on my head and continue making entertainment history as the World's No.1 Superstar. 

Remember to fight for what is right for You. Those who love you will remain by your side, and those who disapprove don't matter. Happy People, Let's Dance!



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