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This Week's Forecast is Extremely Hot!

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, it's clear that spring is here and summer is on its way. For many people, this is a time of excitement and joy as they look forward to the warmer weather…

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The easiest way to live a frustrated life

The signs of living a frustrated life are very easy to spot. You are bothered by everything and everyone around you. But this is because your focus is not on yourself. 

You must build a beautiful environment filled with a…

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I'm always working on something new

Now in Production and Coming Soon! A New Song and Video Featuring BG Vocals by my husband Richard Sidow Sobrino. One of the singles I'm currently producing is NEVER ALONE.

Keep Checking our website for more details, and Join my

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I laugh In The Face of discomfort

When the endless No's a person hears break many, I have learned to make it my ammo to keep moving forward. I  Live full of faith in God. Always grateful for the endless blessings I enjoy, I continue to build…

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We started our sweaty routine again

I'm proudly holding my nike reax workout shoes in my hand. Richard and I decided that while traveling we would take time off from our exercise routine. 

But today, rested or not we're back to our discipline. Wohoo!!





We're in Monte Carlo Taking Some time Off

We are spoiling ourselves under the Mediterranean sun.  Splish, Splash we're having a blast amongst other of the world's rich and famous at Monaco's Plage du Larvotto in Monte Carlo. And Tonight, dinner in the casino with the elite. Sorry…

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Meditating on the beauty of life

When we believe that God ONLY wants to bless us with the best, we understand that every situation we experience is for our good. If the day is gray and in our mind, it's a beautiful day, then it is…

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Enjoying a healthy Protein shake

Healthy living means healthy eating. Our Protein Shake is made with Isolate Whey Protein, Berries, and Oatmeal. God this is so good! We know you feel our Joy! What's your healthy meal?




Ready for today's Iron pumping Session

Today's workout is legs, We squat, we perform lunges, We do leg extensions, and hamstring curls. We finish off with calves. Three sets of 8 to 10 reps. for Today's twinning outfit we wear spandex since we use bands when…

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