I’m Obsessed with You, Sidow Sobrino’s New Single To be Released Globally on August 31, 2021

Expected in all 7 continents worldwide, Sidow Sobrino’s new Dance Euro Pop induced single I’m obsessed with you, is set to be released on august 31, 2021 through The Orchard, The industry's leading music distributor subsidiary of Sony Music. The song featuring the background vocals of husband Richard Sidow-Sobrino has been in production for several months since 2020, but it’s making its debut in 2021 following the success of the artist's last tune and music video of “Spin & Dance.”  

“It’s been a very hard year to release music during the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.” Commented the singer and songwriter. “One of the most important  parts of promoting a music piece is the live performance that allows the artist to connect  the heart beats of the public, concert halls have been shuttered, and also bars and venues that would normally be playing recorded music. The internet is a wonderful tool to reach masses, but even the most aggressive marketing strategies fall short when it comes to getting the audience to fall in love with the material through the waves of cyberspace. Still I keep going, now more than ever people need a positive escape from sadness and tragedy. It is my mission as a creative individual to see that my public and followers have a unique experience each and every time I put something out. People depend on music and other forms of art to remain sane and healthy. I’m obsessed with you, is being released during challenging times, but all my love is in it, and I am committed to spread joy with dance music that is both entertaining and uplifting. I too sometimes wonder if launching new products and investing so much money and effort it’s the right thing to do, but with prayer  I get my strength from God, and when I see my husband Richard during the creative process dancing and  having fun, It gives me that confirmation I need that the audience too will appreciate something uplifting.” Sidow Sobrino concluded. 

I’m Obsessed with you is now available for streaming for all  loyal fans and subscribers of SidowSobrino.com and for those who would rather wait, the single will drop on all major music platforms worldwide at the end of August, on the 31st day. 

Listen now to I’m Obsessed with You.