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The Lesson That Opened My Eyes

As I prepare for my week, I'm listening to a recently purchased book. This post will be brief and straight to the point. Most of us experience situations with other individuals that, no matter what we do, often try to…

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This is the most important role of my career

I grew up watching artists on tv who were celebrated for their new album or movie release, when they dressed up like royalty and their mission was to entertain us as well as educate us with important topics about our…

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I am feeling Wonderful about the Decade ahead

With guest starring roles in upcoming TV shows and movies, the release of a new album and much, much more, 2021 is a year we are very excited to welcome. #thekingofkings #sidowsobrino #legend #moviestar #musicstar #popculture #rockstar #celebrity #moviescene #cinematography

This is Why I prefer Men over Woman

I find woman irresistible, woman are God's greatest gift to humanity. But in a man's world, I AM THE KING. 

I find it more exciting to have men surrender themselves to me. As a man, I know what makes another…

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