STOP!!! You can't ask people "Pray For Me, " Please "Pray for me." All the time.

NO, Pray for yourself and pray for others. Life is NOT about making requests but about giving. When You give, You receive. 

Selfishness is always making requests from others. Notice you often go down a hole in turmoil, and your life doesn't improve because You're always asking for yourself. 

Give. That is what life is about. be a beacon of light, Joy, and praise. Pray for you and pray that those around you receive good health, good fortune, prosperity, and the love you seek around you. 

Let our songs inspire you and help you grow, Turn up the volume and share it with others. Watch Your life improve immediately because now You are giving love, and love from above in the form of blessings is what you'll start receiving in return. Happy people, let's Dance!!!



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