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Trained Back, Biceps and Abs

A good muscle pump always makes good days even better. Today we trained Back, Biceps, and Abs. I love the many benefits of exercise. The fact that I accomplished this goal sets the pace for accomplishing many others throughout the…

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We're under attack by those feeling inferior

The Haters are at it attacking us for whatever they feel will bring us down. 

I can care less what they think, but I do celebrate the fact that when haters attack is because we're moving forward. 

Achievers know it's…

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My active Rest Day Included 10,000 Steps

Rest is just as important as working out. Exercise puts a strain on the body and mind. Exercising without taking a rest day can cause physical and mental exhaustion. However, sometimes I engage in active rest days. Today I…

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I'll Make You Mine

It's not easy picking out the next project we're releasing. With You being our greatest inspiration, we select with detail from the many songs we write and choose one that deserves a video, the time, money, and effort we invest.

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Yes, 😀 The Weekend is here, Spend it with me!

Happy People,  The Weekend is here. Spend it with me!

This is been a marvelous week, and sharing everything with you is my pleasure. Among the fun stuff is the launch of the preview for our upcoming song and video…

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What is it like waking up next to Sidow Sobrino

We receive emails with endless inappropriate questions daily from all around the globe. But I have to answer this particular one because it made me laugh, and it is only fair that I share it with You since you are…

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Preview Two of our Upcoming Songs and Videos

Happy Labor day to you happy people. For those of you who don't know, Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor and recognize the American labor movement and…

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Trending Now, My Joy!

Feeling full of energy, Happy, and with tunnel vision. Happy Friday, Happy people. I love being an independent flame and Getting things done. I'm driven by success. I don't care about anything else but my goals. I'm Non-reactive to distractions…

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We are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary

Richard Sidow Sobrino and I are Celebrating 3 years of being Married on August 24th. In a private ceremony, we got hitched in The wedding Capitol of the world, Las Vegas, NV. 

We attended Cher's live Show at MGM Grand…

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You hold a Special Place in My heart

I understand the excitement you feel when You think of me. Every time you message me and offer me to put the world at my feet. I Thank You. Feel free to surrender your desires to me at any time.

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The love of my adoring fans means everything to me

Experiencing love the way my adoring fans show me daily ignites a bright flame in me. I'm a man unaffected by negative vibes. Too busy getting things done to be distracted. 

You know my vision; you know what I'm passionate…

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Feel my vibration

I'm not sure when You'll see this post since there are time differences worldwide. In Germany and France, for example, it is 7:00 AM in Tokyo is 2:PM in New York is 1:00 AM and in Los Angeles, where I…

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The Costumes Finally Arrived

Remember those costumes I told you about? well, they arrived yesterday. I'm grateful we have them. We will now be able to schedule the date to begin filming. The crazy thing is that, as you know, we're launching Richard's cumbia

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