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SEMINAL, Our 12th Album Journey Begins!

Music has been a journey of self-expression and creativity for us, and we couldn't be more excited to announce that we are already hard at work on our 12th album, "Seminal." This exciting venture comes on the heels of our…

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My Amir is My 11th LP and The hardest To Create

Every Album I have produced has always filled my heart with Joy, knowing my songs will tell stories accompanied by sounds that will motivate my public to continue going through life's hard days. I endure my share of these negative…

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There's a Brand New Machine in Our Home Gym

I've always believed exercise is the best medicine for stress, looking and feeling fabulous. Living in the spotlight is more than a job; it's a responsibility to motivate our followers to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Our bodies evolve, and it…

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When Discipline meets God's Blessings

Hi Happy People, I woke up this morning to some of the most beautiful messages and encouraging words from fans in Germany. Thank you for all the support. I'm always grateful for the love and support. When others take this…

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The Lesson That Opened My Eyes

As I prepare for my week, I'm listening to a recently purchased book. This post will be brief and straight to the point. Most of us experience situations with other individuals that, no matter what we do, often try to…

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Being in Monaco has allowed me to expand my mind

Our vacation in Monaco has allowed our minds to relax. I'm grateful that every step I've taken in life, honoring God and working to achieve goals and dreams, has paid off.  

When things seem impossible, I encourage you to pray…

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Our Church had a forum yesterday on mental illness. Guest speakers shared their experiences and helped us all learn about the stigma regarding this debilitating disorder. Dealing with bipolar disorder type II myself, when it manifested heavily  I never thought…

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We feel elated over our daily accolades

We're sitting in front of our computer typing this blog post after visiting our distributor's website this morning and sending them our material for future release. Every song we create brings us to a moment when being a professional artist…

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